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#InclusiveLeslieville Campaign

This was a campaign that I came up with and launched for Leslieville BIA as a response to BLM protests, to show support for POC business members in the community. This campaign was incredibly well received and garnered a large engagement/following from our community. We were able to expand it towards Pride as well to further carry the message of inclusivity of our community

Father's Day GG Visual Graphic

Put together a selection of local business products to promote for Father's Day and encourage shopping local

Client: Fast Foils

Client Feed

Llama Gonna Shop Local

Launch of #LlamaGonnaShopLocal for Broadview Danforth BIA to help encourage shopping local under lockdown.

Llama campaign 4 local BIA

View of content for this campaign via hashtag search - this content has garnered a lot of engagement and interest from a challenging demographic. The Danforth has been a longtime challenging community to reach through social media due to older age groups that are not as active. This campaign gave a new lease on the online engagement in support of local businesses

Ceci n'est pas une fraise

Small illustration sample for content

photo jan 15, 10 23 52 am

Digital Illustrations for Content & Other projects

Design Illustration

Mock up of a personal design

Broken Hearts Campaign

Continuation of same stylized drawing as with Covid content for BIA to stay on brand. This was created for the shootings that occurred in Nova Scotia 2020

Jewellery + Illustration Campaign

Created this method of promoting jewellery by drawing abstract illustrations of women, collaged together with real photos of the jewellery being sold at this retailer. An innovative alternative to having a real model wear the jewellery which helped elevate the product and have it stand out more

Jewellery + Illustration Campaign


Jewellery + Illustration Campaign


Jewellery + Illustration Campaign

Maintained this same stylized image styling for Intl. Women's Day. A great way to keep branding and integrate for multiple uses for same client. A diverse content possibility that has potential for numerous possibilities within the lifetime of the campaign

photo jan 21, 4 56 00 pm
PSA campaign for BIA

Hand drawn content to support PSA communications regarding travel around Covid

PSA campaign for BIA

Created a series of hand drawn illustrations to help carry PSA content for community regarding new protocols and measures for safety around Covid

Mood Board

Creating Mood boards as form of promotional content.

Collage Layout

This was a mock up for a design proposal for new client, using a collage layout as a way to visualize the proposed design. A great way to demonstrate visual ideas for future projects

BIA bars Summer Cocktails

Initiated a Summer Cocktail campaign to help promote all the local bars within the BIA

Grid Post

Created a small Grid post for client (Broadview Danforth BIA) around BIA Week, which is celebrated annually throughout the city

Springtime Hot Cross Bun Selection

Part of Cobs Bread ( Danforth) springtime Hot Cross bun selection campaign.

Cobs Bread ( Danforth) Feed

One of my client's Instagram feeds - promoting their daily baked goods.

My Hygge

Part of a contest for Creatively Squared - we had to contribute content that fit the theme of Hygge

Kinsip Hibiscus/Rosehip Bitters

In support of local - sourced product from PEC.

Kinsip Maple Syrup

Support local campaign

Personal Project

Promo material

Food Styling

Creative Project

Farmers Market

Support local campaign

Inspirational Quotes

Content Idea

Floral Styling

Example of floral design for content

Food Styling

Prop styling and photo sample

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